The more you know.

We get asked a lot of questions, which we are always happy to answer. Below are some of the queries we most commonly receive. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us.

Is there parking at the Shaw Conference Centre?
  • The Shaw Conference Centre is centrally located in downtown Edmonton, presenting plenty of opportunity for vehicle parking on the street, parking lots, and nearby parkades.

    In addition to metered parking along Jasper Avenue and connected side streets, there are three nearby parkades/surface parking lots. Visit our parking page for more information.

Where can I find where a specific hall or room is located?
  • To find the location of a specific space within our building, please visit our Floor Plans page under Planning an Event.

Is there a lost and found?
  • Yes, our lost and found is operated by our security team. To inquire about a lost item, please contact 780.917.7878.

How do I access the loading dock?
  • Our main loading dock is located off Grierson Hill on the south side of the venue. For a map, visit our Getting Here page.

Do you have a designated smoke area for concerts/special events?
  • Safety and the experience of our guests is our priority. In alignment with other North American public assembly venues, we have a no re-entry policy for all special events. Once a guest exits the ticketed area, they cannot return during the event.

    We understand that some guests may wish to smoke. Therefore, for special events that are 5 hours or longer, an outdoor designated smoking area will be accessible to all guests. All electronic cigarettes and vapes must be cleaned out and liquids sealed upon entry. Electronic cigarette and vapes must be used in the designated smoking area.

What kind of ID is required when attending an 18+ event or purchasing liquor at the Shaw Conference Centre?
  • You will require a valid primary ID, which must include all of the following:

    • A photo
    • A name
    • A signature
    • A date of birth
    • Is government issued
    • Not be expired
    • A unique identifier number
    • Be an original (not a copy)

    If there are any doubts about the primary piece of ID, we may ask for a secondary identification, which must:

    • Have a name
    • Be government issued
    • Have a unique identifier number
    • Include date of birth
Is there a box office at the venue where I can purchase tickets?
  • No, we do not sell tickets to events being held at the Shaw Conference Centre and therefore do not have a box office. Most concerts held at our venue will set up a will call booth one hour prior to the show.

Is there seating at concerts held at the Shaw Conference Centre?
  • This varies from show to show, depending on the promoter’s preference. When there is seating available, it is first come, first serve bleacher style seating, and it is offered in conjunction with standing room on the floor.

My show concert/show ticket says general admission, but has a seat number. Is there assigned seating?
  • If your concert/show ticket says general admission, than there is no assigned seating. The seat number on the ticket is solely for counting purposes. Occasionally, there may be assigned seating, but that would be specified on the ticket as such.

Can I obtain refunds for concert or show tickets at the Shaw Conference Centre?
  • No, for any refunding of concert/show tickets or other ticket issues, please contact the promoter or third party ticket retailer.

Which items are prohibited from being brought into a concert?
  • We do not allow any of the following items:

    • Backpacks (of any kind)
    • Steel or composite toe boots
    • Bullet belts
    • Spiked jewellery, of any variety
    • Wallet chains or chains of any variety
    • Glow sticks or laser pointers
    • Stuffed animals
    • Hula hoops
    • Outside food, alcohol, or liquids
    • Non-prescription drugs or any drug paraphernalia
    • All electronic cigarettes and vapes must be cleaned out and liquids sealed upon entry. Electronic cigarette and vapes must be used in the designated smoking area.
    • Weapons or any items which could be deemed as a weapon, including blunt and hazardous items
    • Any other item the concert organizer has specifically banned for their event

    For Electronic Dance Music (EDM) events, the following are also prohibited:

    • All purses and bags with the exception of fanny packs
    • Eye drops
    • Open packages of cigarettes
    • Orbits, poi and Hulu’s
What conduct is prohibited at concerts held at the Shaw Conference Centre?
  • The following is not permitted while at the Shaw Conference Centre:

    • Crowd surfing
    • Horse play
    • Abusive or aggressive behavior
    • Fighting
    • Sleeping
    • Smoking inside the premise, including e-cigarettes, or anywhere outside the designated smoking area
    • Having more than 1 person in a washroom stall
    • Laying down
Can I bring a camera into the concert?
  • We do not allow any of the following:

    • Professional cameras or cameras with removable lenses
    • Tripods
    • IPads
    • Selfie sticks
    • Go pros

    Any other form of camera is allowable by our facility, subject to the rules of the concert’s organizers and the artists.

Are we allowed to take pictures in and around the building?
  • Yes, we do allow the public to take pictures around the exterior of our venue and in the common areas inside the building. We do not block off any area for photoshoots, so depending on business volume, we can’t guarantee space will be free. We encourage you to call us at 780.421.9797 before planning to take pictures in the building.

Are you hiring? Where can I drop off my resume?
Which light rail transit (LRT) station is closest to the Shaw Conference Centre?
  • The closet LRT station is the Central stop. It is approximately a two block walk outside. If you want to stay indoors, you may also exit at the Churchill station and use the pedway system to access the building via the Citadel and Canada Place.

Is there a Shaw cable or internet office located in the Shaw Conference Centre?
  • No, there is no Shaw Cable or Internet office in our building. We cannot connect/disconnect internet or phones. Please contact 1.888.472.2222 for these services.

Are there any other entry points besides Jasper Avenue?
  • You may also gain access to the building through the pedway system via Canada Place and on our assembly level, which you can access via the wooden stair case that goes over Grierson hill.

Is the venue wheel chair accessible?
Are there bank machines at the venue?
  • Yes, ATMs are located on the pedway and assembly levels.