October 22-25, 2017

67th Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference

Event Details

The conference theme this year is Chemical Engineering – Future Solutions. We would like to emphasize this point by highlighting the vision of young colleagues who will help shape the future of Chemical Engineering in the next decades in a new plenary session entitled Emerging Leaders in Chemical Engineering, where 4 young professors holding a primary appointment in a Canadian Chemical Engineering Department for less than 7 years will present their grand view for the future of our profession in their area of expertise. We will also engage the chemical industry through a Panel Discussion on the Future of Energy coordinated by Joy Romero (CNRL) involving participants from industry, government and academia. Michael Crothers (Shell) will also bring his perspective on this topic in a Q&A Session open to all participants attending the conference.

In addition to these special-format plenary sessions, CSChE 2017 will also host 3 distinguished plenary speakers from the USA, Europe, and Canada: Arun Majumdar (Stanford University USA), founding director of advanced research projects agency- energy (ARPA-E), former Acting Under secretary of Energy under the Obama Government and former vice-president Energy for Google, Massimo Morbidelli (ETH), winner of the R.H Wilhelm award from AIChE and the Damkohler Medallie from the DECHEMA, and this year’s recipient of the R. S. Jane Award Memorial Lecturer (TBA).

We are also proud to recognize the achievements of several exceptional colleagues in 5 honour sessions: Archie Hamielec (McMaster University), H. Harmon Ray (University of Wisconsin), and Charles Cozewith (Exxon), the founding fathers of Polymer Reaction Engineering; Sirish Shah (University of Alberta) for his contributions to Systems and Control; Jacob Masliyah (University of Alberta) for his contributions to Heavy Oil Processing; Sieg Wanke (University of Alberta) for his contributions to Chemical Reaction Engineering; and Eddy Isaacs (formerly from Alberta Innovates) for his contributions to Heavy Oil Processing. In addition, we are honoured to recognize the life time contributions of our dear late colleague Khaled Belkacemi (University of Laval) in a memorial session that will gather colleagues and former students to celebrate his many contribution to Green Chemistry.

Fifteen regular sessions will complete this exciting conference program: Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering; Carbon Reduction and Utilization; Chemical Engineering Education; Chemical Engineering Fundamentals; Colloids and Interfacial Sciences; Conventional and Unconventional Energy Sources; Electrochemistry; Environmental Engineering; Waste Management, and Oil Spill Recovery; Fluid Flows and Transportation; Upgrading and Tailings reduction; Nanotechnology; Polymer Materials and Processing; Process Safety and Risk Management; Reaction Engineering and Catalysis; and Systems and Control. We are planning several other events for undergraduate and graduate students, including an Undergraduate Research Special Symposia where undergraduate students all over Canada will be able to present their research findings to a wide audience and a Graduate student elevator pitch.

Registration will open in the summer of 2017. Check csche2017.ca for further details.

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