February 23-25, 2017

2nd Annual Environmental Gathering: Breaking Through

Event Details

Alberta Ecotrust is proud to announce our second annual Environmental Gathering: Breaking Through.

We are at a unique time in Alberta with new opportunities for meaningful progress on the environment. As we all grapple with important issues like reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting watersheds and preserving valuable land and habitat, it is more important than ever to break through barriers and drive change! No one can do it alone.

Building on the success of the first Environmental Gathering in 2016, we invite you to be a part of this exciting and strategic opportunity to connect and collaborate with people from environmental nonprofits, First Nations communities, industry and government.

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation’s second annual Environmental Gathering continues the practice of coming together as environmental champions to boldly create and steward our collective vision for tomorrow. Join us to explore the urgency of the issues we face and the energy and action needed to address our most pressing concerns.

Early bird pricing ends January 11, 2017.